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East Side believes in motivating people, the impact of face to face contact and how live communication is more than just a peak in contact. Events are valuable instruments in communication campaigns. And that’s how we approach our projects. Originating from strategy and with attention to long term plans and effects. To make sure the event matches the goal and the people we want to reach. We would rather not think in means, but in a well thought out solution that is different every single time. Sometimes an activation campaign, sometimes a smashing party, sometimes s something completely different. That is exactly what makes our job so challenging and fun.

Our approach

Good input assures good output. Together with our client we gather all relevant information. We define what is most important and find out what we need through a personal intake and our own briefing format. That way we make sure we are working with the right input. To maximize the effect of our ideas. We map out our propositions and test them on feasibility and creative added value. East Side takes ownership throughout the process, from concept to the final event. Working together with our client and the best professionals from our network.


Do you want to know more about East Side or are you interested in working together on a great project? Feel free to stop by our office in Haarlem for a coffee or give us a call!

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